Our leading barristers have been instructed in some of the highest profile cases in the country.

The collective experience is formidable with expertise demonstrated in diverse cases such as “mercy killings”, gangland executions, domestic killings, infanticide and ‘baby shaking’, killings by children, as well as corporate and medical profession manslaughters. 

Recent cases have included:

  • R v O’Brien – Prosecution of Britian’s ‘Most wanted criminal', sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • R -v- Alliston.
  • R v Beadman & Harlow 2016 (Kayleigh Hayward facebook grooming murder)
  • R v Scully-Hicks - defending in a baby shaking murder by a father of his and his male civil partner’s adopted baby girl 
  • R v Mosely - prosecuting a father who discharged a shotgun into the chest of the victim, then handed the shotgun to his 14 year old son and persuaded him falsely to admit to the killing. At trial he maintained that his son had killed the victim; the son gave evidence for the prosecution.
  • R v Sidhu and Fashakin; R v Shaid and others: Multi-handed prosecutions of murder by shooting, committed in broad daylight on the streets of London.
  • R v P: Murder of a 6-year-old child by her father who strangled her. The case involved issues of diminished responsibility.
  • R v Darbyshire: The mercy killing of a father by his daughter. The case required consideration of the legal issues relating to assisting suicide, manslaughter by suicide pact and murder.
  • R v Kocik: Murder trial, following the discovery of the deceased’s body found floating in a suitcase in the Grand Union Canal. The case involved complex pathological issues resulting from a significant delay between the killing and the finding of the deceased.
  • R v Speight and others: an allegation of joint enterprise murder, in which a homeless man was tortured over several hours and left for dead. The case involved several vulnerable witnesses and hearsay issues, arising from the death of a principal witness.
  • HSE v PS and JE Ward: The first ever acquittal at trial of a company charged with Corporate Manslaughter.
  • R v RAO: Gross negligence manslaughter involving a crushing, caused by the mishandling of glass panels used at the Leadenhall ‘cheese grater’ skyscraper.

Members have developed expertise in medical, scientific and technical evidence, derived from an ever-increasing range of disciplines and specialisms. This is blended with traditional jury skills to great advantage in some of the most complex trials.