Controlled Drugs

Drug cases at all levels are now far more complex to prosecute and defend than they were twenty years ago.

The digital technology, whether mobile phone, cell site, tachograph or ANPR related has vastly increased the material available at trial. Thorough analysis and clear presentation of this data is critical to a jury’s understanding of the issues in the case. At 5PB, having built a reputation for handling complex fraud cases, we have a wealth of experience in handling complex subjects and presenting them concisely in court. Investigations are complex and sentences in drug cases remain very severe.

5PB is trusted by prosecutors and defence solicitors alike to bring great skills to these trials. We have a wealth of experience (prosecuting and defending) in the cases involving the importation, distribution and sale of illegal drugs, and the growing problem of counterfeit medicinal products. We are knowledgeable about the range of investigative techniques used in the prosecution of such cases, such as probes, intercept evidence, covert human intelligences sources and surveillance.

Members have appeared some of the largest cases of drugs distribution and importation. Our experience in the linked areas of confiscation and Revenue and Customs prosecutions complements the service we can provide in this area.