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Diversity Data

To comply with guidance issued by the Bar Standards Board, which regulates members of chambers, 5PB has conducted a voluntary survey of members of chambers to gather data about the diversity of members, pupils and staff. This survey, which took place in September 2016, follows a previous survey in September 2014. The results of a further survery will be published shortly.

We are required by the Bar Standards Board to publish a summary of the results of the survey.


At the time of carrying out the survey, chambers had 54 members, pupil barristers and employees (11 Queen's Counsel, 34 Junior Counsel, 2 pupil barristers and 7 clerks/staff).

Of those, 47 participated in the survey and 45 agreed to provide data (8 Queen's Counsel, 29 Junior Counsel, 2 pupil barristers and 6 clerks/staff).


The Bar Standard Boards guidance, which has been adopted by chambers, indicates that a summary of diversity data should ordinarily be published by categories representing the role and seniority of individuals. It provides an exception, however, where the number of individuals with any particular characteristic within any category is fewer than ten. Due to the number of Queen's Counsel, pupil barristers and clerks/staff who participated in the survey, each characteristic in every category contains fewer than ten individuals.

The Diversity Data Officer has therefore taken the decision to publish a summary of the following data in respect of all individuals within chambers:

  • Male: 30
  • Female: 15
  • First in Generation to Attend University: 17
  • Attended state school: 23

The Diversity Data Officer has taken the decision not to publish a summary of data in respect of ethnicity and disability, as the number of individuals with one or more characteristic within each of those categories is fewer than ten.