Three men sentenced following kidnapping trial

Rory Keene leading Richard Padley successfully prosecuted three individuals for the kidnap and torture of three young men.

The trial took place in July, with sentencing adjourned until December for the production of psychologist, psychiatrist and social services reports. 

Over the course of a three week trial the prosecution demonstrated the defendants preyed on young vulnerable individuals around East London, taking their victims to an abandoned flat where they were subject to, amongst other things, been set on fire, struck with weapons, force fed excessive quantities of water, whilst filming them. 

The movements of the defendants in co-ordination with the victims was established through the review of over 200 hours of footage from the building where the victims were taken. As a result of this review, along with footage found on one of the defendant’s phones, the prosecution team were able to establish the presence and direct involvement of the three defendants. 

Following a sentencing exercise over a two day period the defendants were sentenced to periods of detention between 8 and 11 years, with further findings of dangerousness and extended licences imposed beyond those terms.