Acquittal for director of CBD company accused of cannabis supply and importation

In proceedings before Winchester Crown Court, Josh Normanton succeeded in the defence of a company director accused of drug offences.

The director was accused of supplying cannabis from CBD shops operated by the business as well as importing large quantities of cannabis from abroad for onwards sale to the public. Josh was instructed in the case by Colette Kelly at Ince Gordon Dadds LLP.

First, Josh persuaded the court that the importation offence should be tried separately. At trial of the supply offence, he then successfully argued that the director could rely on the knowledge defence under s.28 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. After acquittal on the supply offence, the prosecution then decided not to seek a trial on the importation offence and offered no evidence. The director was therefore acquitted on all counts.  

Josh regularly defends and advises in cases where CBD businesses selling “hemp flower” or “CBD flower” are accused of cannabis supply. This case builds on his experience and is a further example of Josh securing an acquittal based on the s.28 defence when representing a director of a CBD company.