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Oliver Sells KC

Oliver Sells specialises in advising on complex criminal enquiries (especially appellate work) involving fraud, extradition, money laundering and confiscation.

Since taking silk he has been involved in numerous high profile cases both at first instance and on appeal.

Advising on Revenue offences, asset forfeiture and confiscation proceedings form a significant part of his practice and  he has regularly represented prosecutors, receivers, and third parties in the Crown Court, High Court, Court of   Appeal and House of Lords on matters relating to the restraint, receivership and confiscation of property. 

His practice areas also include:

  • Criminal law – specialising in commercial fraud, revenue and excise offences, money laundering, asset forfeiture
  • Trade descriptions
  • Licensing
  • Statutory, regulatory and disciplinary inquiries
  • Judicial Review
  • Human Rights Law
  • Extradition

Money Laundering, asset forfeiture and confiscation

Notable Cases
  • Blue Arrow (representing County Nat West director)
  • BCCI (SFO prosecution)
  • R v Riley (corrupt customs officer)
  • Maxwell
  • Operation Advice
  • Operations Methusaleh, Jeroboam and Bottle

R v Dosanjh [1998] 1 CAR 371 Criminal Sentencing, Appeal Against Sentence, Fraudulent Evasion of Chargeable Duty, guideline case