Please note that, in order to promote social distancing, our mini-pupillage programme will be suspended from 23rd March 2020. We will be mini-pupils due to attend chambers in the next few weeks to inform them. Mini-pupillages will be arranged after present restrictions are lifted. No further applications for mini-pupillages shall be considered until that time - please do not submit any fresh application until further notice. We wish all prospective mini-pupils the best at this time.

5 Paper Buildings places a high value on mini-pupillage as a means of educating students on the realities of life in a busy criminal chambers. It can also be rewarding to meet at an early stage individuals who have the potential to play a significant role in the development of chambers in years to come. Mini-pupils will have the opportunity to meet junior tenants in chambers and see a range of work in the courtroom, mainly in the Crown Court. Depending on the time of year there may be an opportunity to attend hearings at the Royal Courts of Justice, either in the High Court or in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)

Selection Criteria

We welcome applications from anyone aged 18 or over who has an interest in practising at the Criminal Bar. We are unfortunately unable to offer mini-pupillage, or work experience, to younger students.

Due to demand, we are unable to offer mini-pupillages to those who have not yet begun their legal studies. Therefore, applicants will need to either be doing or have completed a Law degree or equivalent, or have begun the GDL.

When selecting mini-pupils, we are looking for people whose academic profiles and life experiences so far suggest that they have the potential to be realistic applicants for pupillage, either now or in the future.

In considering applications the following will be taken into account:
• Predicted or actual academic performance at degree level or equivalent
• Any additional academic qualifications (whether in Law or not)
• Attainment on the BPTC or GDL where studied prior to applying.
• Previous legal work experience (type and amount)
• Paid employment and/or extra-curricular activities demonstrating transferable skills relevant to the Bar
• Motivation for applying for a mini-pupillage/interest in the Criminal Bar.

If all other indicators are equal, preference will be given to those who have not had previous mini-pupillages, or have not had previous mini-pupillages in criminal chambers, in recognition of the barriers faced by candidates from non-traditional backgrounds in securing mini-pupillages.

The Application Process

To ensure the fair allocation of mini-pupillages, it is chambers policy that all mini-pupils must be selected through our formal allocation process - members of chambers are not able to offer informal mini-pupillages.

Applications should be made by way of a covering letter and CV, addressed to Elaine Freer, the Mini-Pupillage Coordinator. We prefer applications to sent by e-mail to, but if this is not possible, they may be sent by post addressed to Elaine Freer, Mini-Pupillage Coordinator, Chambers of Miranda Moore QC and Julian Christopher QC, 5 Paper Buildings, Temple, London, EC4Y 7HB.

Please send your application by no less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the month of your earliest preferred dates for mini-pupillage. E.g. If your preferred dates for a mini-pupillage were in April, you would need to submit your application by the 28th February. Preferred dates will be accommodated as far as possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Our usual practice is to offer a mini-pupillage for 5 days. However, if a candidate would prefer a shorter period for practical or financial reasons they should say so in their cover letter and this can be accommodated.

Duration, Location and Assessment

Members of chambers practice across the country. However, most of our work is in London and the South-East. If a candidate will struggle to travel to London then efforts can be made to place them with members appearing in courts closer to their home towns. However, the criminal bar is very unpredictable, and there can be no guarantee that at any given time there will be a member of chambers in any particular part of the country.

Similarly, we cannot guarantee that any particular type of case will be happening during your mini-pupillage, though if there is a type of case you particularly want to see we will accommodate that if possible.

Mini-pupillages are not assessed. However a record is kept of those who have undertaken mini-pupillages with us.


Mini-pupillages in chambers are unfunded. However, as we recognise that mini-pupillages can put a financial strain on applicants, especially those who do not live in London, chambers offers a limited amount of financial support. These limited funds will be awarded on the basis of need, on a discretionary basis. Applicants seeking assistance with their travel costs should identify this in their covering letter. An application for financial assistance will have no impact on whether an applicant is offered a mini-pupillage.

Chambers is a member of Inner Temple’s Pegasus Access and Support Scheme. Applicants wishing to apply through that scheme should apply via

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