Public Access 

5PB have a large team of barristers who are qualified to accept instructions directly from members of the public and corporate clients. The Public Access Scheme is overseen by the barrister’s professional regulatory body, the Bar Standards Board, and is particularly suited to clients who wish to receive immediate and specialist advice on a discrete issue, including the drafting of documents. The scheme avoids the need for a client first to instruct a solicitor. In many cases therefore this results in a reduced overall cost to the client.

5PB public access barristers also accept instructions to act as advocates representing clients in court, from one-off plea hearings in the magistrates’ court to longer hearings in tribunals and the crown court (i.e fare evasion and TFL penalty cases). In such cases we will discuss with you whether it is your best interests to instruct a barrister on a public access basis. For Fare Evasion direct access enquiries see

There is considerable flexibility in the scheme which allows the client to have more control over his or her case. The client can decide when and to what extent the barrister will become involved; the barrister can be instructed to carry out individual pieces of work as and when required.

In the majority of cases we will require payment to be made in advance to chambers’ account for all work undertaken. However in certain circumstances the manner of payment may include use of the Bar Council’s escrow account.

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