In keeping with its reputation for encouraging fearless advocates of the utmost integrity Chambers is proud to have members who have been appointed Special Advocates.

These are counsel appointed as third party advocates to represent the interests of terrorist suspects before the partially closed Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which makes Control Orders and Deportation orders. They are able to view material of such an allegedly sensitive nature that the Defendant and his team are prevented by the State from seeing the material.

The Special Advocates are chosen to rigorously safeguard the interests of the suspect, rather than to be a stooge of the government, and to cross-examine the security services, in secret sessions, upon the withheld material, and to test whether there is any proper national security objection to the continued withholding of the material.

Outside the narrow field of Special Advocate work, 5PB's reputation as criminal specialists who do not shrink from the most demanding briefs makes it an ideal choice for terrorist cases before a jury.