Firearms Offences

Britain’s firearms laws have been built piecemeal since the end of the nineteenth century. Today they are among the strictest in the world and the law that provides that framework is regarded as complex and highly specialized. In recent years no less than four Acts of Parliament, four orders and one set of rules governing the control on firearms passed into law.

However, we have expertise within Chambers to provide an up-to-date consolidated and cohesive assistance within this area of law and the associated firearms licensing legislation.

In general firearms legislation covers many different subject areas which range from antique and historic firearms to questions of fitness and 'good reason' to be entrusted with a firearm. Those questions frequently involve additional consideration into associated law such as the shooting of birds and animals and the current EC Directives on the control, acquisition and possession of weapons.

The criminal use of firearms is rapidly becoming a sad fact of life and a criminal conviction of a firearms offence may carry a substantial prison sentence frequently by operation of a mandatory penalty.

Licensing Appeals

The licensing system which underpins firearms law provides a right of appeal to the Crown Court against the decision of a Chief Officer of Police in connection with the grant, refusal, revocation or variation of firearms certificate or the registration or removal from the register of firearms dealer. We have expertise within Chambers to properly advise, prepare and represent clients on such appeals, or where appropriate, Judicial Review.