Criminal and Civil Fraud

As would be expected in a leading white-collar fraud set, members of chambers have considerable experience in this field. It is becoming more routine for civil actions to follow or run in parallel to criminal proceedings. These may concern issues ranging from disclosure to asset tracing and the establishment of private property rights

For example, Edward Jenkins QC, leading Ben Douglas-Jones, acted for the SFO in SFO v. OB, a leading case on civil contempt that progressed to the Supreme Court. In that case, the five Justices ruled in favour of the SFO to the effect that a person extradited to the UK for fraud can be imprisoned for a contempt of court committed before he or she left the UK, even though the contempt was not subject to the extradition order. Shortly after this decision, in 2014, Edward Jenkins QC was featured as "lawyer of the week" in The Times: