Surgeon convicted of fraud following 4 month trial

Charlene Sumnall, leading Carolina Bracken instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service successfully secured convictions against Dr Anthony McGrath following a 4 month trial. He was sentenced to a total of 8 years imprisonment having been convicted of 1 count of insurance fraud, 3 counts of mortgage fraud and one count of perverting the course of public justice.

Sentencing Dr McGrath HHJ Mensah stated  greed and arrogance had been his downfall.

Dr McGrath had bought a £1.1 million property in St Albans using funds obtained fraudulently through the first of the mortgage frauds. He then started a costly renovation project that ran over budget and over time, causing him and his family to stay in their £2,400 per month rented accommodation on the Luton Hoo whilst paying the £2,500 monthly mortgage as well. With 4 children in private education, a penchant for expensive antiques, and a single income, Dr McGrath turned to further fraudulent activity in order to secure more money for the house builds. In obtaining mortgages on the family home and a previously mortgage free property in Belfast owned by his mother in law he inflated his and his wife's income to the bank and submitted a catalogue of false documents including a complete 3 year set of false finalised accounts, complete with IR mark for himself and his wife to the bank.

The money from the mortgages not being enough to fund his lifestyle he then staged a burglary at the rented accomodation in order to make a claim on the insurance for in excess of £180,000. He claimed that antique clocks, persian rugs, ming bowls and an 18th Century marble fireplace had been stolen from the small cellar in the home. This was shown to be a lie. There was no burglary and Dr McGrath had set the whole scene up for his wife and family to find.

The case has recieved widespread media attention and will feature on a up coming episode of 24 Hours in Custody. See BBC and The Sun.