Reform of Gender Recognition Act 2004 | chambers' statement

The government is currently holding a period of public consultation on the gender registration process under the Gender Recognition Act 2004. 5 Paper Buildings recognises that this legal process is an important part of gender self-determination for members of the trans community.

Chambers supports reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to the extent that it:

(i) Requires no medical diagnosis or presentation of evidence for trans people to have their identity legally recognised

(ii) Recognises non-binary identities

(iii) Gives all trans people, including 16-17-year-olds, the right to self-determination, through a much simpler and more streamlined administrative process

5 Paper Buildings is committed to promoting the rights of the LGBT+ community, and members of chambers have extensive experience in the field of human rights and in protecting the rights of trans gender persons in particular. Chambers is delighted to be a Stonewall Diversity Champion, in recognition of its commitment to workplace equality and diversity.