Company fined £10,000 for Section 2 HSAW breach at Cardiff Magistrates Court

A company who provide Penny Press machines to museums and attractions was fined £10,000 having pleaded to a section 2 HSAW offence at Cardiff Magistrates Court. An unrestrained machine at Cardiff Museum had toppled and fallen onto a small child causing (minor) head injuries. The Company had been aware of a similar incident.  The Prosecution had argued that there was high culpability, with High risk of Serious harm or death. Having heard contrary submissions from Miles Bennett (instructed by Alex Iveson and Paul Matthews from DWF Leeds office. The District Judge, who had accepted jurisdiction ruled that there was medium culpability with low likelihood of lesser harm and fined the micro company  £10,000. The Prosecution applied for costs in the sum of £25,000, which included an experts report and a claim for £20,000. Having heard Miles’s submissions the District Judge reduced the figure to £15,000.