Trio sentenced to more than 17 years imprisonment for armed robbery

Richard Padley prosecuted two adults and a youth at Oxford Crown Court yesterday (7 February 2017) in relation to an armed robbery on a branch of Lloyds Bank.

One adult and the youth had entered the bank and proceeded to point an imitation firearm at a cashier whilst requesting that a bag be filled with cash. The two left the bank with over £4000 in cash to their awaiting getaway car driven by the second adult.
The prosecution investigation involved extensive cell site and GPS evidence linking the trio to the bank at the time of the robbery, communication data showing calls made between the group prior to the robbery, and DNA evidence establishing handling of the firearm. Additionally online messaging established how the imitation firearm had been sourced.

Two members of the public who had shielded young children and chased the robbers as they left the bank were both given awards of public money to congratulate their courage.

The matter received press attention: Oxford Times & BBC.