Major Land Banking Fraud Acquittal for Rory Keene instructed by Keith Wood at Lewis Nedas Law

Rory Keene instructed by Keith Wood of Lewis Nedas Law secured an acquittal for one of the principle defendants in a major land banking fraud which was tried at Liverpool Crown Court.

The case involved allegation that an organised gang in 2006 had obtained land sites which at low value would never be granted planning permission, as it was green field sites situated in flood plains. Plans were then professionally drawn up with estate plans and plots were marketed as being potential investments and then sold on via dedicated sales teams.

9 defendants were on trial, our client being 5th on the indictment as he was a principally the head of the sales team and thereafter became a director of one of the companies involved in the scheme. All those higher than him on the indictment had been convicted, two other defendants further down were also convicted.