FreeBar Launch Event – Promoting LGBT+ equality and inclusion across the Bar

Launch date: 17th February 2016
Time - 6pm to 9pm
Venue: Travers Smith, 10 Snow Hill, London, EC1A 2AL

If you are interesting in attending please email

What is FreeBar: FreeBar is intended to be a network of chambers+ and straight allies) seeking to ensure that at the Bar Stonewall’s strap line “Acceptance without Exception” is real, tangible and a shared experience for the Bar, those who use the Bar and those who work for or with it. 

The aims of FreeBar:

  • Providing a forum of mutual suproviding a forum of mutual support for all gender & sexuality minority barristers and people who work alongside them, together with their allies
  • Sharing best practice on workplace inclusion across all strands of diversity
  • Promoting and celebrating LGBT+ role models and allies

The origin of FreeBar: was an approach by Stonewall to the 3 chambers who were Stonewall Diversity Champions (5PB, Hardwicke & Matrix) suggesting they work together to establish a network given that chambers tend to be too small to have their own internal LGBT+ network as many firms and companies now have.