Launderer who used money service bureau to move £10m is imprisoned

Stephen Hopper and Georgina Coade have successfully prosecuted money service bureau manager Umer Rusheed in a trial at the Old Bailey.

Rasheed used his position as manager of Usman International UK Ltd to send millions of pounds to Pakistan over a period of almost four years.

He was arrested after Officers witnessed him receiving a handover of what was later discovered to be £50,000 cash from courier Shokeer Hussain.

An investigation by the National Crime Agency revealed that Rasheed had received hundreds more such deliveries. He processed the money through the company’s bank accounts by creating fictitious customer entries on the business’ currency management system. A separate log in on the system allowed him to keep track of the amount of dirty money entering the company’s bank account, keeping fictitious transactions separate from those processed for actual customers.

Phone records showed he had also been in contact with criminal associates in the Netherlands and the UAE.

Rasheed was sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment.
Hussain, who pleaded guilty at an earlier stage, had his prison sentence suspended.

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