Stephen Fry's partner represented by Mark Wyeth QC in driving case

Mark Wyeth QC recently represented Elliot Spencer, the partner of Stephen Fry, at Cwmbran Magistrates' Court in South Wales.

Mr Spencer was caught driving at 101mph in a borrowed Aston Martin DB9. Mr Fry told Mr Spencer to "get a move on" because they were running late for his inaugural address as President of the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts on the Welsh borders.

The Chairman of the Bench, Phillip Walker JP, told Mr Spencer "You increased your speed because you were late for an important engagement. You face a disqualification but we are persuaded that this can be at the lower end of the scale."

Mr Spencer was banned from driving for seven days and told to pay a £100 fine plus £85 costs

The case received widespread media attention, including from The Guardian, BBC News, the Daily Mail and locally with the South Wales Argus.