Dominic Lewis secures fraudulent trading convictions

Dominic Lewis was recently instructed by the London Borough of Enfield to prosecute a number of defendants in connection with the mis-selling of HGV licence training courses.

The company which was operated by the defendants – Fast Track HGV Limited – had a turnover of over £2 million, and promised a 24-carat service. However, a significant number of the individuals who contracted to train with Fast Track found after making payment that they had been lied to about the quality of service that could be delivered. In some cases no training was delivered at all; in others customers received only partial or inadequate training.

The burden of compensating the dissatisfied customers fell in the first instance on the banks or merchant service providers, who were left with a loss of almost £500,000 when Fast Track HGV Limited defaulted on its obligations. Both of the principal defendants (the owner and sales manager of the company) were convicted of fraudulent trading under s.993 of the Companies Act 2006, and the company was convicted of a number of regulatory offences under the CPUTRs.

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