Ben Douglas-Jones in Three High Court Successes

Ben Douglas-Jones has had three recent successes in the Administrative Court, on each occasion representing the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In Key v. Crown Prosecution Service, Collins J upheld a District Judge's rejection of a special reasons argument by an applicant who had pleaded guilty to driving with alcohol levels over twice the legal limit.

In RS v. DPP, Laws LJ and Swift J upheld the decision of justices to draw an afference inference from the silence at trial of a young person charged with robbery.

In Hall v. DPP, Moses LJ and Gloster J upheld a conviction for failing to identify the driver of a motor vehicle. The court confirmed that the requirement for a warning of a prosecution to have been given was presumed to be complied with unless the contrary was proved, and so in such a case the Crown has no obligation to prove that such a warning was served.