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Election Night in Belfast (Or 54 hours in the life of a regulatory brief!)


3:30pm: Off to Lincoln for overnight stay and meet up with instructing solicitors (Platty). Prosecuting 12 drivers on Thursday morning at Lincoln Mags for DVSA. Didn’t fancy the 6:30 train…hence the overnight stay. All the drivers are charged with varying numbers of making false tachograph records.


9:15am: Arrive at Court. The object today is to deal with plea before venue for (now) 11 drivers, one is ill. To add to the fun, one wants to represent himself. There are some 79 offences in total to be opened to the Deputy District Judge …who clearly was NOT told when he was parachuted in due to the DJ’s illness that he had a morning of tachograph charts to contend with! Aiming to sentence or commit all drivers this morning. Star tat 10:40.

12:40pm: All done! Rush to the station to catch train back to London…to get to Heathrow…to fly to Belfast for tomorrow’s hearing for a company trying to obtain an “O” Licence from Northern Ireland’s equivalent of the Senior Traffic Commissioner…the head of DOE’s Transport Regulation Unit. Election night in Belfast? Seriously?

7:20pm: Aer Lingus flight takes off. 8:30pm: Flight lands. 9:30pm arrive at the hotel to meet I/S (Vikki) who has managed to find a 2 for 1 deal on frozen passion fruit daiquiris! Work on case. Retire to room at 11 to watch the opening exchanges in the general election. Watch local results. See acceptance speech by a Unionist winner that will do nothing to improve relations in the province as he lays into everyone…saving his real bile for the losing Unionist party candidate! Life Of Brian springs to mind!! Bed.


9:00am: Breakfast meeting with clients. Point out the difficulties in their application and that best hope is to set up a new, future application. Situation not helped by the fact that Co Director has gone AWOL!! I like a challenge!

10:00am: Time hearing due to start.

11:00am: Time we actually start. Sympathetic hearing in near impossible situation. Case goes over lunch

3:30pm: Case finishes. It’s now raining and check-in closes in 40 minutes!

4:10pm: Checked in!!!

5:20pm: Plane takes off

6:30pm: Land at Heathrow

8:30pm: Arrive home…Finally.  Feels as if I’ve been away for a week!! Remind myself of the battlecry of the modern day barrister….”Have wig/brief…Will travel!”

Posted by Miles Bennett on 01 December 2015 at 13:57