Election Night in Belfast (Or 54 hours in the life of a regulatory brief!)

01 December 2015

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Cross-Examination of Vulnerable Witnesses: Putting Inconsistencies

03 November 2015

It is now well known that the cross-examination of a child or vulnerable witness should not be a combative exercise. By virtue of the change in culture heralded in R v B [2010] EWCA Crim 4, the Judge now assumes the role of protector to...
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Closing Speech Sandwiches

15 October 2015

Some Judges at the Old Bailey have recently been adopting the practice of delivering their summing up in two parts - legal directions to the jury, including a written “Route to Verdict”, ahead of closing speeches, and the summary of the facts afterwards. ...
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Intermediaries: who needs them? (And what do they do anyway?)

19 September 2015

The concept of the intermediary – an independent specialist whose role is to facilitate communication between the court and a witness – was introduced as part of the raft of special measures included in the YJCE 1999 that were designed to help...
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