Laura Brickman


"An incredibly hardworking leading junior"

Laura is viewed as a successful ‘leading junior’ barrister by many solicitors for whom she has been their counsel of first choice.

First and foremost, a defence barrister with over 30 years experience, she possesses a calm and assertive manner making her an engaging and most effective barrister. She has the ability to grasp complex issues in a short space of time, and is both very hard-working, and down-to-earth.

As a leading junior, and led junior, she has extensive jury experience in areas of criminal law, ranging from clients facing murder trials, fraud allegations, large scale drug offences and allegations of the most serious sexual abuse.

She has developed particular experience in the cross-examination of expert witnesses, including forensic computer examiners, hand-writing experts, and forensic medical examiners. She also has great experience in the cross-examination of child and learning-disabled witnesses.

For many years, has represented defendants with learning disabilities and was responsible, in part, for changing the law which now grants special measures to defendants (See R v H 2003 below).

Laura has years of experience in appellant work and greatly enjoys this challenge.

Her more general practice includes murder, attempted murder, historic sexual abuse, rape, advanced fee fraud, money laundering, and drug trafficking.

She is also qualified to be instructed under the Direct Access scheme

General Crime

R v Shartou & others. Wood Green Crown Court 2013: Defending. Large scale class A drugs conspiracy. Leading Junior representing female defendant suffering from Bi Polar Syndrome, whose flat was used by her boyfriend and his friend to produce large quantities of crack cocaine. Considerable observation, telephone and cell site evidence.

R v Helasz & another. Harrow Crown Court 2013: Defending. Hungarian ex-police officer, human trafficking eastern European women into brothels in London and Cardiff. Defence: The women were not ‘nurses’ as they claimed, but prostitutes, coming to the UK to work in his brothels. Acquitted of trafficking but convicted of controlling prostitution.

R v Brahimi & others. Central Criminal Court 2014: Multi million pound class A drugs conspiracy and money laundering involving Albanian nationals. Representing defendant, privately funded. Very large amount of cell site/telephone evidence and evidence of financial transfers to consider.

R v Ross & others. Inner London Crown Court 2014: Defending Large scale cannabis farming by highly respectable family in South East England. On-going.

R v Aikhomou & another. Woolwich Crown Court 2014: Defending Human trafficking of young Nigerian girls, from Nigeria to South London Brothels by African hairdresser (A) and her accomplice, the brothel owner.

R v Cordero & another. Inner London Crown Court 2010: Defending Computer engineer tried for making and possession of over 4,000 indecent images and films on his computers.

Defence: Forensic computer examiners wrong. D’s system overtaken by foreign computer virus akin to stuxnet. Cross-examination of forensic experts.

R v Widdowson & others. Sheffield Crown Court 2009: Armed robbery. Lorry hijacking, representing sole female D, a care worker who was acquitted.

R v Piggins & others. Central Criminal Court 2006: Leading counsel in trial involving the largest, and most serious, case of racial hatred ever tried in England. D, was the editor of the resurrected ‘Der Stormer’ Nazi magazine, published initially in the 1940’s in Germany. The magazine included articles about bomb-making. Klu Klux Klan dolls, and Nazi memorabilia were on display at her home, together with photos of her performing Nazi salutes.

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Homicide and Serious Violence

Sexual Offences

Fraud and Financial Crime

Appeals and CCRC

International Work

Laura Brickman
Laura Brickman

Specialist Areas

  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Drug Offences
  • Theft and Dishonesty
  • Firearms Offences
  • Serious Sexual Offences



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