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Jennifer Dannhauser

Jennifer is an outstanding advocate who regularly prosecutes and defends in the most serious criminal cases including murder, rape, fraud and other serious violent, sexual and drugs offences.

“Jennifer is very user friendly and has a diplomatic directness with clients. She is very bright, proactive in her management of cases, and her attention to detail is excellent. She is well regarded by her peers and definitely one to watch for the future.” – Legal 500

Her past and upcoming cases include:

  • Junior counsel defending a client charged with murder at the Central Criminal Court (acquitted of murder, manslaughter verdict)
  • Sole counsel defending a client charged with attempted murder with a firearm, gang related (acquitted of all charges)
  • Junior counsel prosecuting an attempted murder with a firearm where the victim was 16 years of age (convictions secured)
  • Junior counsel prosecuting a multi-defendant boiler room investment fraud (convictions secured)
  • Sole counsel defending a client charged with a stranger rape and drugging offences (acquitted of all charges)
  • Sole counsel defending a youth charged with three rapes with seven purported eye witnesses (acquitted of all charges)
  • Junior counsel representing a popstar charged with a series of rapes and sexual assaults (upcoming trial)
  • Sole counsel representing a defendant charged with a gang-related attempted burglary of a cannabis factory, resulting in a street confrontation between the two gangs and multiple discharges of firearms (upcoming trial)
Defence experience

Murder and attempted murder

R v JA

Led by Miranda Moore KC in a two month trial at the Central Criminal Court, Jennifer represented this defendant charged with murder. The case involved a 5 man chase on a main road outside a nightclub, which resulted in a fatal stabbing and was said to be gang related. Jennifer’s client absconded for over a year but then voluntarily returned to the UK to face trial, along with two others. Jennifer’s client was acquitted of murder (manslaughter verdict), where the other two defendants were convicted of murder. The case spanned 2½ years as Jennifer was instructed from before the defendant returned to the UK and advised on his return and post-charge interview.  

R v KH

Led by David Bently KC from Doughty Street Chambers, Jennifer represented this 19 year old charged with murder. The three teenage defendants were said to have planned the fatal stabbing of the 18 year old victim days in advance of its occurrence. The group were said to have stalked the victim following the Notting Hill Carnival. Jennifer’s client was acquitted of murder (manslaughter verdict), where the other two defendants were convicted of murder. 

R v DF

Sole counsel representing a defendant charged with pre-meditated attempted murder with a firearm (and other offences). Jennifer’s client was said to be the informer and spotter for a gang shooting in Tottenham but following four days of legal argument, Jennifer was successful in excluding all gang evidence as against her client – where co-defending counsel were not so successful. Case involved detailed analysis of firearms evidence, and defence firearms expert instructed on behalf of DF, ultimately to the benefit of all five defendants. Defendant acquitted on all counts.

Rape and serious sexual offences


Jennifer has a particular expertise in this field, having represented numerous defendants charged with rape and other serious sexual offences. She is very experienced at dealing with both young and vulnerable defendants, and in cross examining young and vulnerable witnesses in an appropriate but effective manner.

She has secured acquittals in the following circumstances:

  • R v PW - case of stranger rape in the woods where the evidence appeared overwhelming – the female complainant was homosexual, she stated that pills had been forced down her throat by the defendant and viagra was detected in her urine. Acquittal on all counts led the Crown Court Judge to provide an unsolicited reference stating “Jennifer has been outstanding”;
  • R v BN – defendant charged with three counts of rape said to have occurred in a park. Defendant was 16 years old at the time and the complainant, 15. Seven of the complainant’s friends aged 14-15 years old purported to have witnessed the rape, requiring all of them to be cross examined. Following a 10 day trial, defendant acquitted of all counts;
  • R v AO - represented the first defendant on an alleged gang rape in this 4 week trial, where the complainant believed she had been drugged. Police lost the first urine sample which would have conclusively ruled in or out GHB being administered. Therefore, instruction of defence expert was necessary and complex cross examination of Prosecution expert in relation to date rape drugs and their effects. Defendant acquitted of all counts;
  • R v PE - Jennifer secured not guilty verdicts for her client charged with eight counts of historic sexual offences. Two complainants, aged 3 and 5 at the time, alleged that their foster brother, then aged 14, had repeatedly seriously indecently assaulted them within the family home between 1972-1974. Social service records documented that the older girl had said something at the time and the girls were eventually removed from the family home. After a twelve day trial, the jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts on all counts;
  • R v AH – defendant charged with rapes on four teenage females all of whom resided in supported accommodation. Enormous disclosure exercise required given the background of the complainants. Eventually two complainants withdrew their complainants and two went to trial. Defendant found not guilty of all charges;
  • R v DJ - Jennifer was instructed on behalf of this defendant charged with two counts of rape. Her client was a barman working on the night in question when he engaged in sexual acts with the complainant in the ladies toilets of the pub. There was an eye witness to events. Jennifer’s client was acquitted of both counts.   


Other offences

R v MJ

Jennifer represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to supply class A drugs and money laundering over a 2 year period. The indictment period began on the day the defendant was released from a 4 ½ year sentence for hard labour imposed by the Trinidad & Tobego courts for attempting to export 15kg of cocaine from that country. This conviction, and a previous conviction in the UK for importing cocaine, were known to the jury. The defendant was acquitted of both charges following a two week trial.

R v MS

Jennifer represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to import over 6kg cocaine (worth over £1 million) into the UK. The co-defendant, who was supported by an intermediary, was running a cut-throat defence which alleged that MS had set her up and was able to take advantage because of the co-defendant’s vulnerabilities and mental health difficulties.

R v BM

Jennifer represented a defendant charged with false imprisonment and assault (by way of burning the victim with a hot iron), alongside four co-defendants. She made a successful submission of no case to answer following detailed analysis and cross examination of the complainant’s phone records and corresponding cell site evidence, which ultimately undermined the complainant’s account to such an extent that the jury were directed by the Judge to return a not guilty verdict.

R v AL

Jennifer secured an acquittal in a case of unlawful wounding where a police officer had purported to identify the defendant causing the injury and CCTV supported the account that the defendant had approached the complainant’s group of friends in an agitated manner. Following thorough cross examination, the police officer accepted he may have been mistaken in his identification.


Prosecution Experience

Jennifer is on the specialist Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Prosecuting Panel and the General Crime CPS Prosecuting Panel (Level 3).

JG, CL and MOS

Prosecution junior in a case of attempted murder and perverting the course of justice. This case involved the shooting of a 16 year old who was left permanently paralysed by his injuries. The victim provided a short audio recorded account from his hospital bed before withdrawing support after being intimidated by two of the defendants. The case therefore relied on drawing together circumstantial evidence – CCTV, cell site, phone evidence, intercepted prison phone calls and visits. Convictions secured and the shooter received a 25 year prison sentence.

R v AAR, SM, CE, GG and MG

Prosecution junior in a five defendant ‘boiler room’ investment fraud targeting investors in London property. Case had an international element as monies sent around the world via money exchange services. Responsible for enormous disclosure exercise, made complicated by cut throat defences and a late discovery that one of the lead prosecution witnesses had stood trial at Southwark CC as a defendant in a very similar fraud, thereby undermining his credibility. Dealt with defence challenges to expert computer evidence and responsible for distilling a huge amount of documentary and banking material into agreed facts. Convictions secured.

R v AI and CG

Sole counsel prosecuting a conspiracy to commit robbery of a brothel, involving firearms and other weapons resulting in grievous bodily harm injuries. Only two of the group who were involved could be identified. The case involved careful witness handling after the largely reluctant witnesses were flown to the UK from Romania, and very organised security arrangements put in place for them. Conviction secured.

R v SA and LC

Sole counsel prosecuting defendants charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. The defendants (one male and one female) lured a lone and drunk vulnerable female into their car before driving her to a remote location where she was sexually assaulted by the male defendant. The victim was clearly very anxious about giving evidence, but was able to do so and a conviction was secured against the male defendant.

R v NM

Sole counsel prosecuting offence of arson with intent to endanger life, where the defendant began a fire at a residential home where children were present sleeping, in an act of revenge following an altercation earlier in the evening with another occupant of the house. Conviction secured.

R v JM (upcoming)

Sole counsel prosecuting a defendant charged with sexual offences against his 5 year old daughter and another 7 year old child. Two pre-recorded cross examinations involved with intermediaries, given the age and vulnerabilities of these two key witnesses.


MA in History, University of Cambridge. Graduate Diploma in Law (Distinction), City Law School. Bar Vocational Course (Outstanding), BPP Law School.  

Harmsworth Scholarship (Middle Temple) Rosamund Smith Mooting Cup Winner (Middle Temple) Ede and Ravenscroft Wig and Gown prize for mooting (Middle Temple).