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David Osborne

Since joining chambers, David has rapidly developed a senior practice, receiving instructions in a range of serious and complex cases. He has been lauded by the solicitors instructing him for his careful preparation, ease with clients and engaging style.He has been praised for his sensitive and incisive cross-examination of witnesses and for the power of his closing speeches. His growing reputation has made him a popular choice for significant criminal cases.

Areas of expertise

David’s caseload includes manslaughter, attempted murder, large-scale fraud, serious and historic sexual offending and major unlicensed medicine manufacture. He balances significant legal aid cases with privately-paid instructions.

Notable cases

Recent Cases

R v H A manslaughter case turning on complex medical evidence and causation.

R v S Allegations of rape and coercive behaviour.

R v B Sexual assault and harassment.

R v A Familial rape.

R v B False imprisonment and kidnap.

R v B Attempted murder.

R v C Historic sexual abuse

R v N Historic sexual abuse.

R v E ‘County Lines’ drug-dealing conspiracy.

R v F ‘skimming device’ fraud conspiracy.

R v H Familial rape.

R v K VAT fraud conspiracy.

R v N Conspiracy to steal from airlines.

R v S International medicines offences.

R v U Attempted murder

R v B Attempted Murder

R v M and others, major duty evasion.

R v R, gross-negligence manslaughter.

R v N, Conspiracy to produce cannabis


David was appointed as Recorder of the Crown Court in 2012 and clients find his experience on the bench both invaluable and reassuring.