Robert O’Sullivan QC

1988 (QC 2012)

"fluent advocate in court; authoritative and very impressive. An outstanding all-rounder"

- Instructing Solicitor


Robert O’Sullivan is a specialist trial advocate in the prosecution and defence of serious and complex fraud cases. He also advises on the law and case strategy pre-charge, including on cross-jurisdictional issues relating to evidence and justiciability. He has considerable experience in direct and indirect tax fraud. He has prosecuted many multi-handed MTIC VAT frauds and recently successfully prosecuted an HMRC investigation into a £98 million pound marketed income tax avoidance scheme in the film industry. He is currently instructed to prosecute a fraud on a Russian bank in respect of trades in Argentinian sovereign warrants.

He is also experienced in murder/manslaughter cases and health and safety criminal litigation, medicines and medicinal products prosecutions (including advising the MHRA in the Seroxat investigation) and courts-martial advocacy in the UK and overseas, having defended in the Camp Bread Basket prisoner abuse trial arising out of the second Iraq war.

He is a member of the Serious Fraud Office Panel of Queen’s Counsel. As a junior he was on the Attorney-General’s A List of specialist advocates and a level 4 CPS prosecutor.

He is a member of the Bar Council's Law Reform Committee and its Surveillance and Privacy Working Group. He has jointly written articles and given a number of seminars to the legal profession and police constabularies on the tension between state surveillance and legal professional privilege and confidential journalistic sources. He is involved in the Bar’s response to the successor to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and associated legislation (RIPA, DRIPA and Codes of Practice).

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Robert O’Sullivan QC
Robert O’Sullivan QC

Specialist Areas

  • Customs and Excise Offences
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Corporate Crime
  • Business Crime & Financial Services
  • General Crime
  • Health & Safety
  • Professional Discipline & Regulatory



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